Turn it On! Review

So I’ve been playing Rushing Pixel’s new game ‘Turn it On!’ and I’ve been having a lot of fun! Turn it On takes you through a series of electronic, button-pushing puzzles that will make you use your head to figure out all sorts of methods to get to the next level.

Some levels really require just the push of a button and then you’re on your way! Other levels require you to pull knobs, flick switches, follow light sequence patterns and so much more! Like any puzzle, it will require you to slow down and have a bit more patience than usual in order to complete the challenge. The further you progress in the game, the more difficult the puzzles get as well! One of the good thigs about being patient in Turn it On is, some of the later puzzles have connections to earlier ones; if you remember how you flipped a switch in an earlier puzzle you might find you can use a somewhat similar method when tackling a later puzzle (I’m not going to give any more hints though!)

Should you find yourself done playing for the day you also have the option to pick up right where you left off instead of having to restart from the beginning. You can also replay any level to try to beat your record, and each level has a different time counter to gain stars for an even better record. One minor critique I have is some of the time counters don’t offer much wiggle room in terms of gaining stars. For example some puzzles I find a bit more difficult only give you 10 seconds to figure it out to gain 3 stars, which is a little too fast in some instances when since you have to have time to look at the puzzle first and see what you’re working with. Otherwise, I definitely need to work on how quickly I solve the other puzzles the first step is at least figuring out how to solve the puzzles without speed in the first place!

All in all I really like this game and I recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles, brain teasers or an overall challenge that makes you think! Definitely try out Turn it On!


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